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Natural, organic quality, sustainable, grass fed beef for sale to Richmond and Vancouver, BC.


Pork for Sale

Back Valley Ranch Pork:

We are pleased to announce that we are now raising heritage pigs here at Back Valley Ranch. They are being fed on a diet of alfalfa hay, grains and seasonally available fruits and vegetables. They have free run in a large outdoor enclosure where they can play in the mud and well, just be pigs….



We are offering sides of pork for the fall of 2018. Cost will be $4.50/lb for a hanging side of pork and the buyer pays the cut and wrap costs. This will make a side approx. $600-$700 with cut and wrap costs included. Everything will be custom cut for the customer.



Also available for fall 2018, we have our 25 lb pork packs. The 25 lb pork pack is a standard assortment including:

large ham, pork chops, ground pork, bacon, roast(s), breakfast sausages, and often spare ribs

Cost of the 25 lb pork pack is $275.00


E-mail [email protected] with any inquiries. Order early as we sell out quickly!

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