Steveston Stock and Seed Farm

Natural, organic quality, sustainable, grass fed beef for sale to Richmond and Vancouver, BC.


Other Farm Products

We sell beef and eggs year round (see beef and eggs for details). Other farm products and opportunities may be offered intermittently. We maintain separate mailing lists for these. To be notified of availability, simply select the items that interest you below, enter your email address and click subscribe.

You-pick Produce Notifications

We grow the following produce for you-pick. Subscribe to be notified of availability.

Other Notifications

We produce a variety of heirloom vegetable seeds and seedlings, including our popular Alpha Tomato. These are usually available in late spring. Note we do not send seeds by mail. They must be picked up at the farm.

We have several bee hives that may or may not produce a surplus of honey in any given year. Subscribe to be notified if/when honey is available for sale.

Hatcheries usually have a minimum order of 25 chicks, but backyard chicken keepers usually only want 2 or 3. Subscribe to this list if you'd like to notified when we are about to place our annual order for chicks. We'll be happy to order extras to sell.

We try to replace our laying hens after 1-2 years of production. They will continue to lay for at least a couple more years after that, but not as productively. You can expect 3-4 eggs per week per hen.

We sell registered purebred Beltie heifers, cow-calf pairs and young bulls periodically.

We host work parties up to a few times a year where we'll send an email to our volunteers list inviting people to come and help out for a few hours with projects that benefit from many hands. In exchange we're happy to offer tours of the farm, learning opportunities (ask us anything you like about farming/gardening) and whatever farm produce is in season.

An internship is a regular ongoing commitment of 4-5 hours per week or more for a period of 2-3 months. Timing is fairly flexible and work can be tailored somewhat to your interests so you can learn and practice specific aspects of farming or have a more broad experience if you prefer. After some orientation/training, we expect to be able to give interns more responsibility and autonomy. We don't take on more than 2 interns at a time so positions come available infrequently, but if this kind of regular commitment is something that would interest you please subscribe to be notified when positions are available. Before taking on any intern we would have a longer discussion to clarify everyone's expectations/interests, answer questions, and make sure there's a good match.

We don't currently offer farm tours but if there's enough demand, we will consider it.

Based on customer demand, we may offer additional farm products in the future that are not listed above. Subscribe if you would like to be notified when new products are available.

Note you can change your preferences or unsubscribe entirely at any time via links at the bottom of every notification email.

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