Steveston Stock and Seed Farm

Natural, organic quality, sustainable, grass fed beef for sale to Richmond and Vancouver, BC.



We keep a small flock of around 100 happy hens.

  • No antibiotics. No debeaking. No cages.
  • 2 acres of outdoor pasture of grass and clover
  • Diet includes fruit and vegetable scraps from our kitchen, fallen fruit from our many fruit trees, spent barley mash from local breweries, grass/clover/insects/worms/etc from their pasture, and GMO free layer pellets produced locally (Chilliwack)

Eggs tend to sell out quickly. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Price is $6 per dozen. Note that we can also offer baby chicks and older laying hens for sale. See Other Farm Products for details.

Collecting eggs

Isaac collecting the eggs.

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