Steveston Stock and Seed Farm

Natural, organic quality, sustainable, grass fed beef for sale to Richmond and Vancouver, BC.



In the late 1950s the Steves family discovered that their family farm had been secretly rezoned to residential, along with most other farmland in Richmond. They discovered this after applying for a permit to build a new dairy and having the permit denied due to the new zoning. This early experience with the development of farmland pushed Harold Steves into a lifetime of politics and fighting for the preservation of farmland in BC. He continues the fight today as the province’s longest-serving municipal politician. He has served on Richmond city council continuously since 1969, except for a one term stint as MLA in 1973 – just long enough to co-found the Agricultural Land Reserve.

On Sept 29, 2011, Harold Steves was honoured with the Union of British Columbia Municipalities’ (UBCM) Special Long Service award for his 41 years of service. See the story here: ‘Mr. Richmond’ not ready to hang his hat.

Below are a few videos related to the political side of the Steves Farm.

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