Steveston Stock and Seed Farm

Natural, organic quality, sustainable, grass fed beef for sale to Richmond and Vancouver, BC.




All our animals are antibiotic and hormone free. Our beef is raised happier and healthier, and is better for you and the environment than beef from the grocery store. To learn more about the benefits of grass-fed free range local beef, see the Why Galloway? tab above.


1)Belted Galloway (Raised by Steveston Farm)

The Belted Galloways of Steveston Stock and Seed Farm are pastured on grass during the summer and are fed local hay and ranch alfalfa during the winter. The Steveston Stock and Seed Farm in Richmond, BC, is owned and operated by Harold and Kathy Steves with occasional assistance from their sons Jerry and Rob. The belted galloways are now finished at our Cache Creek farm on alfalfa pasture and alfalfa hay and processed through Kam Lake View meats near Kamloops, B.C.

Sides and Quarters


***grass fed & finished

Jan. 2024 Available
30 lb freezer packs


***grass fed & finished

Dec. 2023 Available
25 lb ground/stew beef packs (you choose the ratio of ground to stew beef)


***grass fed & finished

Dec. 2022 Available



Angus-Hereford-Charolais (Raised by Back Valley Ranch)

These cattle graze on open grasslands during the summer and are finished on alfalfa pasture for four to six weeks in the fall/winter. The animals are 100% grass fed and free range, with no added hormones or antibiotics fed. Animals that are fattened for spring sale are finished on high quality alfalfa hay grown right here in our own valley. Back Valley Ranch is located between Cache Creek and Kamloops, BC, and is owned and operated by Jerry Steves and partner Suzanna. If you are located near Cache Creek, you may order Angus-Hereford-Charolais beef directly from Back Valley Ranch. Our Angus-Hereford-Charolais animals are butchered by Kam Lake View Meats Ltd, a provincially inspected abattoir in Cherry Creek, BC (just west of Kamloops).

BACK VALLEY RANCH- Delivery and Availability:

Diet 100% Grass Fed and Finished 100% Grass Fed and Finished
Delivery Nov. 2022 Dec. 2022 Jan. 2023 Feb. 2023 April 2023 June 2023 Dec. 2023
Sides and Quarters Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
30lb Freezer Packs Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Available
25lb steak/roast packs & 25 lb assorted steaks packs Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Available
25lb ground/stew beef packs Sold Out Available Available Available Available Available Available

Please feel free to book ahead as this will secure your order.  We sell out quickly. Updated Sept. 21st, 2022


We offer several options to choose from. All packages come cut, wrapped and frozen.

Description Approx Weight Price* Approx Total
Side (Jan. 2024) 165 lb $12.00/ lb $1980
Quarter (Jan. 2024) 85 lb $12.25/  lb $1040
30 lb Freezer Pack (Dec. 2023) 30 lb $12.50/ lb $375.00
25 lb Steak/Roast Pack- standard assortment of roughly 70% steaks and 30% roasts (Dec. 2023)


25 lb Assorted Steaks Pack (Dec. 2023)

25 lb


25 lb

$15.00/ lb


$15.60/ lb




25 lb Lean Ground Beef & Stewing Beef – you select the ratiio (Dec. 2022) 25 lb $8.60/lb $215.00
***10 lb minimum order


*****Sold out for the next year!!!!

 10 lbs or more $13.00/lb  


*** 10 lb minimum order

Liver/ heart available  Jan. 2023

*****Tongue sold out for the next year!!!!

10 lbs or more Liver/ heart $6.00/lb, 25lbs or more $5.50/lb


Tongue $6.00/lb

Soup Bones*** 10 lb minimum order


Available Jan. 2023


 10 lbs or more $6.00/ lb  

Specialty Items: February 2023 Special Sausage Order

10 lb minimum $13.00/lb Available Feb. 2023
Smokies (regular)
10 lb minimum


Available Feb. 2023
Smokies (cheese)
10 lb minimum $14.00/lb Available Feb. 2023
Sausages (breakfast and/or dinner) 10 lb minimum $12.00/lb Available Sept. 2022
10 lb minimum $13.00/lb Available Feb. 2023

*Prices indicated are per lb of final frozen weight. Current prices are listed above but prices are subject to change.

Sides and Quarters

Sides and quarters contain a similar range of cuts from both the front and back of the animal. You must take all the meat, but an order form is provided on which you can indicate preferences such as:

*ratio of ground beef to stewing beef 

*thickness of steaks

*ratio of roasts to steaks

A typical 85 lb quarter might include:

5 lb T-bone steaks 5 lb Sirloin steaks 5 lb Round steaks 8 lb Rib steaks
5 lb Chuck roasts 5 lb Sirloin  roasts 5 lb Round roasts 2 lb Cross-rib roasts
5 lb Chuck steaks 10 lb Stewing beef 25 lb Lean ground beef 5 lb Short ribs

Freezer Packs

30 lb Freezer Packs each contain APPROXIMATELY 11 lbs of assorted steaks, 7 lbs of assorted roasts, 8 lbs of ground beef and 4 lbs of stewing beef.

How to Order

Contact us by e-mail or phone (see contact tab) to place your order. It could take several months from the time you order until your meat is ready for pickup. Please plan accordingly. Payment is not required until pickup. We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer. Lower Mainland customers must arrange to pick up their beef at the family farm in Steveston.

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