Steveston Stock and Seed Farm

Natural, organic quality, sustainable, grass fed beef for sale to Richmond and Vancouver, BC.



We sell registered purebred Beltie heifers, cow-calf pairs and young bulls. Their lineage is from the best A.I. bulls: Firth King Henry and Mochrum Colum of Scotland, Shiralee Moonshine of Australia, Steveston Earl and Steveston Joseph. This page lists the animals we currently have for sale. Please contact Harold Steves directly (1-604-277-7759) for more information or to arrange purchase and pick-up.

Registered Belted Galloways for sale

(last updated 2016-11-03)

Type Registered Name Born
Bull Steveston Allen 2011-01-02
Cow-Calf Pair Steveston Edith 2008-03-27 (cow) and 2016-04-29 (steer calf)
Bred Cow Steveston Erica 2011-02-05 due to calve 2017-05-??
Heifer Yearling Steveston Lena 2015-03-11
Heifer Yearling Steveston Abigail 2015-04-03
Heifer Calf Steveston Daisy 2015-09-28
Heifer Calf Steveston Violet 2015-11-25

Below you can find photos of some of the above animals.

Steveston Allen

Steveston Allen (bull)

Steveston Lena

Steveston Lena (heifer yearling)

Steveston Abigail

Steveston Abigail (heifer yearling)

Steveston Daisy

Steveston Daisy (heifer calf)

Steveston Violet

Steveston Violet (heifer calf)

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